Our Services

Executive Office

The most effective and affordable way to setup a business here is to look for a perfect solution for all your business problems. A well-furnished 200 square feet office space for rent with EJARI is a mandatory for businesses looking to set themselves up in Dubai Mainland.

We also provide virtual offices. With a virtual office you receive the business at the most affordable price without even having to present in the UAE. We will setup your business in a couple of minutes when you select our 200 sq ft office space for rent in Al Nahda, Dubai.

Fully Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are provided b business centers that are located in reputable commercial districts. When you rent one of these offices, you get a business address in a prestigious location which automatically creates a good first impression.

Meeting Rooms

If you’re looking for a professional meeting room in Dubai, A2ZBusiness Center is for you. We also offer affordable, ready-to-use, customizable meeting rooms with all the facilities you need, hourly or daily, to get the one that best suits your needs.

A2Z Business Center offers the perfect environment for hosting the most productive meetings and conferences in Dubai. We also provide rooms for seminars, training courses, workshops, presentations and more. Dubai meeting rooms are designed by professionals. Equipped with modern facilities, it provides the perfect atmosphere for a productive meeting atmosphere.

We understand that the changing global landscape surrounding the enterprise is heading towards remote work. For this reason, A2Z Business Center offers meeting rooms, training rooms and meeting rooms at a variety of prices. It can be used by anyone from freelancers and micro enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprises.

Meeting rooms with other amenities are provided:

  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • LCD projector
  • USB & HDMI Connectivity
  • Video conference facility
  • Stationary for conference
  • Welcome tea & coffee facility
  • Print and scan facility
  • IT support

Virtual Office

Virtual Office provides a real company address and some office-related services without the heavy investment required for traditional office space. Other services typically include mailing address, work phone number, answering machine, conference room, video conference service, and more. The virtual office provides a physical address, but no office space.

For this reason, these types of office spaces are very popular with start-ups and small businesses. At the same time, this makes the virtual office very affordable and incurs no future overheads other than monthly rent. Web-based productivity software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Docs, and Google Drive are driving the use of these virtual offices in Dubai.

Private Offices

We have been in the industry for quite some time, and over time we have a valuable experience. Over the years, we have learned what we can do to provide the best office space and service to our valued customers.

In addition to private office space for rent, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. These services include business consulting services, PRO services, management services, office solution services and more. All of these services allow you to focus on making the best decisions for your business while keeping your office running smoothly.

Shared Offices

A2Z Business Center offers the best shared offices in Dubai. We are an experienced company based in the United Arab Emirates, providing professional business solutions. We provide you with all the services you need to keep your business in top shape. Our top services include management consulting, PRO services, WPS services, service offices and shared office Dubai.

Shared Office Space is currently popular and trendy. Both established companies and young startups choose these shared spaces. It saves money and has distributed office locations. In addition, Dubai’s shared office space offers many benefits, including improved security, short-term rental options, and networking opportunities.

Co-working Space

As the business world decentralizes day by day, the concept of a permanent workplace is being replaced by a more versatile one. Working from home is now a new motto, and working from home requires a remote workplace.

In Dubai, coworking spaces for rent cover most of the remote workspaces needed by companies in different sectors. Dubai coworking space It offers the best coworking space in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. Thanks to first-class service and aesthetic offices, the A2Z Business Center dominates the market for coworking spaces. You don’t have to worry about long-term leases or large upfront investments. The coworking space has a monthly rent and you can move at any time.

The business center industry, which provides office space, solutions, and related services, has successfully responded to the need for independent work demands. Coworking Space Dubai is an industry term ranging from a single desk or workspace to a combination of two or more, tailored to the needs and flexibility of the enterprise.

A2Z Business Center provides all office supplies to companies looking for rental space. Thanks to the competitive business center market, these rental coworking spaces are gaining popularity in the UAE. To add value to companies looking for rentals, Dubai’s coworking spaces include leisure lounges, play areas, creative workspaces, kitchens and food and beverage vending machines. Overall, coworking spaces are a great choice for any business in Dubai.

A2Z Business Center has improved the quality of Dubai’s co-working spaces available for rent in Al Nahda, Dubai. We understand the needs of companies looking for a suitable location to do business in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s co-working space is tailored for freelancers, teleworkers, self-employed, researchers and temporary workers.

We create a creative work environment for your company and enable your employees to work more productively. Our co-working offices offer food and drink, meeting rooms, concierge services, virtual offices, and all the other facilities you can expect from Dubai’s co-working space.


All offices are equipped with enterprise-class telephone systems, ultra-fast WiFi, and secure servers to support your business and increase your productivity.

Complimentary services

We offer free tea / coffee makers, drinking water, IT staff and reception services to ensure a smooth business operation and a hassle-free experience.

Dedicated Office Staff

The receptionist of A2Z Business Center will always be available to assist you in every aspect. To answer the phone, receive emails and to greet the guest. Office boy will also be there in order to handle day-to-day tasks.

IT infrastructure

Understanding the importance of a secure IT infrastructure, we provide state-of-the-art structures to improve your business.

Business Setup

A2Z Business Center offers the best business setup in mainland Dubai. We provide a complete solution for setting up a business in mainland or freezones of Dubai or other United Arab Emirates. We have a team of experienced consultants who will accompany you at every stage of setting up a business in Dubai. A2Z Business Center has experience in establishing businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Our professionals have many years of experience in establishing various companies at Emirates. Our experts are the best entrepreneurial consultants in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s business formation services we offer include government permits, UAE trade licenses and other professional services.